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There is nothing worse than having your garage door fail to open leaving your car either trapped in your garage or locked outside your garage. But, the truth is most garage doors are heavy and sturdy and many have mechanical parts that are subject to wear and tear and will eventually break down needing to be repaired or replaced. However, when your garage door unexpectedly stops functioning properly it can cause you a lot of inconvenience, worry and frustration. The good news is that we here at Star USA Garage Doors offer our customers Maintenance services which helps to prevent those unexpected malfunctions from occurring.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance service is with us is usually done by contract. For a reasonable fee we will send our skilled and experienced garage door technician out to your home to make scheduled and periodic inspections of your garage door and all of it’s parts. Our technician will spend the necessary time completely inspecting and testing your garage door to make sure it is functioning properly. He will make note of any parts that beginning to show signs of wear and tear and will tell you about any potential problems he sees that could affect the ability of your garage door to function properly. He will then discuss with you any necessary repairs or parts that need to be replaced and will give an estimate as to how much the repairs will cost. These inspections will alert you to any parts that have become worn and may break or need to be realigned or adjusted before your door actually stops functioning properly. That way you will be able to determine if you want to have the door repaired now before there are any real problems or wait a little longer to have the repairs done. Many of our customers who opt for maintenance service, never experience having their garage door malfunction, because our technician finds potential problems before they become real problems and customers elect to have the repairs done in order to keep their door looking and functioning it’s best.


In the long run properly maintaining your garage door can not only save you money (over more expensive repairs or even needing your garage door replaced if a malfunction will cause permanent damage to your door) but will help ensure the safety of your family and any possessions you store in garage. When it comes to garage door maintenance services the old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly holds true. Your garage is an important part of your property and your home, and having a garage door that functions as it should is vital to your comfort, safety, and the value of your home.

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My garage opener stopped working on Saturday night, after trying to fix it ourselves and not succeed. We contacted a garage door company, they showed up in no time - and got my opener replaced to a brand new unit. They did a Great job!