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Garages serve a very important function for most homes. Not only do they keep your car out of the elements, they serve as storage facilities, workshops, and may even be where the family does their laundry. Just as important as the garage itself is your garage door. It is the garage door that keeps your possessions safe under lock and keep and keeps rain, snow and other elements from your car other possessions kept or stored in garage.

However, with more and more people choosing newer models of overhead garage doors and doors that lift with automatic openers, there are more things on your garage door that can break or malfunction. Even manual side opening garage doors can become loose on their hinges or begin to sag. Whenever anything goes wrong with garage door getting those doors repaired as quickly as possible can save you from spending more money for more costly repairs down the road as well as keeping the possessions in your garage safe from theft and damage.

We Can Repair Those Broken Door For You

When having that garage door repaired it often wiser to call a professional garage door technician to make those garage door repairs. Star USA Garage Door is a leading company in garage door repair and can repair that door for less than you might imagine. If you garage door is functioning as it should just give us a call at (844) 700-0017 and we will send one of our skilled and highly trained garage door technicians out to thoroughly check over your garage door, identify the problem for you. During his inspection the technician will not only tell what is causing your door to malfunction, but will also let you know if any other parts are worn and need to be replaced. He will then explain to you what needs to be done to repair the door and give you a complete estimate for parts and labor. One you have all the necessary information should you decide to hire our company to repair that door we will do so quickly and effectively. In many cases, we can repair your garage door the same day. Many of customers believe that once we repair their garage door it looks and performs as good as new. So sure are we that you will be happy with our work that we offer a guarantee on all parts and labor. Once your garage door repairs are completed to your satisfaction you can take advantage of our maintenance services to keep your door functioning like it should and to help spot any future small problems before they become bigger problems.

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Phenomenal service! I called and they were at my house the same day (within a few hours). Roy was great. I had two garages that needed looking at and he fixed one and gave me the quote on the other. I was pleasantly surprised when he was finished before I expected. Roy was great at explaining what was happening with my garage and made sure to leave me with clear instructions on how to access my warranty. I'm extremely pleased with the service and would definitely call him back if I had any issues.