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Garage door openers are not just a convenience saving you from having to get out of your car to unlock your garage door manually, get back in the car to drive into the garage, and then get out again to shut the door, they also offer a measure of security. Whether you live in a big city or a more isolated setting you never know when someone may be lurking in the shadows near your garage.

Garage door openers allow you to unlock and raise your garage door without leaving the safety of your car and then close the door after you driven into the garage before exiting your car, providing you some measure of safety and security from would be attackers.

Garage Door Opener Installation Los Angeles

If you are looking to increase your security and make life a little more convenient by having a garage door opener installed we here at Star USA garage doors can have a technician on their way to your home within minutes and have your new garage door opener installed normally within an hour of their arrival. Nothing could be simpler or easier. We belt and chain drive openers, screw drive openers as well as those that operate by computer and keyless entry openers that are controlled by keypad as well as a number of popular brand names for you to choose from. If you are not sure which type of garage door opener is best for your home, our technician will be happy to discuss with you each different type of opener, the cost, and tell you which type they would recommend and why.

Garage Door Opener Repairs Los Angeles

Of course just like your garage door itself, your garage door opener is going to be subjected to wear and tear and overtime this can result in you opener malfunctioning or not working correctly. Our trained technicians will be more than happy to look at your garage door door opener system, tell you what repairs may be needed and make the necessary repairs to get that opener functioning smoothly once more. Our repair services include such things as a reverse system safety test, beam realignments, chain tightening, replacing of necessary parts and free estimate before we ever begin the repairs. Our technician will also discuss with you whether repairing your old door opener or having a new door opener replace the old will be the best and most cost option for you. Once you are fully informed about the problem with your garage door opener and what it will take to fix then you will be in position to decide if you fix the opener or have it replaced. As With everything else we guarantee our work and our parts because we are positive we can do the best job of installing or repairing that garage door opener of anyone around. If you are looking for a garage door opening or need to have your existing opener repaired just give us a call at (844) 700-0017 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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