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Garage door malfunctions may be common, but the result of these malfunctions can cause a door to come crashing down causing damage, injury and death. It’s not worth chancing. If anything on a garage door needs to be fixed, the owner should stop using it immediately and have it promptly repaired. This is also true for those seeking garage door opener repair in Santa Monica and garage door opener installation in Santa Monica .

If your garage door shows these common issues or you need a new garage door opener repair in Santa Monica, it’s best to make an appointment immediately to have it repaired. Even if your garage door isn’t evenly balanced, this will cause one side of your door to wear out faster, which could mean great bodily injury or worse.

Repair and New Garage Door Installation in Santa Monica

Broken garage doors cause several other issues as well. Broken garage doors can be more costly to the home than they are to repair. Pests, like rodents and snakes, will take advantage of a broken garage door to make their home inside. Rodents enter because it’s cool, quiet and an excellent place to make a nest. Snakes enter the garage in search of rodents. Broken garage doors prevent the home from preserving its coolness and heat as well. A garage can heat up the rest of the home by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This can cause the air conditioner to stay one 24/7. Of course, the greatest expense of all comes in the form of the danger a broken garage door can do to a little one or a pet. It’s of the homeowner’s best interest to immediately seek garage door repair in Santa Monica to prevent additional issues with the home.

Our Maintenance System

The best option is to avoid hassles to begin with. We provide maintenance service to avoid these potential problems with garage doors. Our technician will make periodic inspections of all of your garage door’s parts to ensure they’re functioning properly, which saves you inconvenience down the road. The technician will inform you of potential issues so that a garage door repair in Santa Monica can be made quickly. At times, a quick adjustment to your garage door is all you will need, which saves money in the long-run. Also, it prevents theft and other issues for your family and your home.

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