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Curb appeal is one of the biggest impressions your home or business can leave with a visitor.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, relative, customer, or someone just walking by; your building’s exterior will attract notice both good and bad.  If the exterior is unwelcoming and poorly maintained, it will leave a negative impression on anyone who visits.  Conversely, a well-maintained exterior will leave a more positive impression.

But maintaining the exterior of your home or business is about more than just nice landscaping or putting on a fresh coat of paint every so often.  Have you wanted to have a gate installed but never got around to it?  If you have a gate, do you keep it well-oiled and maintained, or does it constantly stick when you least need it to?  When was the last time you had your garage door serviced?  Do you still have the same garage door you had twenty years ago?  Are your garage door openers in good working order, or do you constantly have to get out of your car to open your garage door?

At Star USA Garage Doors, we understand how time-consuming and confusing the process of garage door or gate shopping can be.  There are countless options for you to choose from, you have to make sure they fit with your home or business’ aesthetic, and you have to ensure they are well-maintained.  This is where we come in.  Our highly-trained and knowledgeable staff can assist you through the entire process of selecting, installing, and maintaining a new gate or garage door.

Garage Door Installation in Mission Hills – At Star USA Garage Doors, we carry a full line of brand new garage doors from brands you can trust such as Genie, Lift Master, Craftsman, and many others.  We will work with you to select the best garage door for your home or business’ needs.  Once you’ve made your choice, our highly trained installation crew will come out and install it for you, saving you stress and hassle.

Garage Door Opener Repair in Mission Hills – Everyone knows how convenient garage door openers are; this makes it frustrating when they stop working properly.  If your garage door opener is malfunctioning, we can repair it or recommend a replacement if needed. Gate Repair in Mission Hills – Does your gate not close or lock properly?  Has it been damaged?  Is it coated with rust or other signs of age?  Give us a call, we will come out and perform maintenance on your gate, regardless of whether you purchased it from us or not.

Garage Door Repair in Mission Hills – Has your garage door stopped working properly?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help!  We carry a full range of parts to repair most types and styles of garage doors.  It doesn’t matter if you purchased your garage door with us or need us to service a garage door you’ve had for years.  Our friendly and skilled technicians will put your mind at ease as they diagnose and repair whatever issue you might be experiencing.

Gate Installation in Mission Hills – A well-crafted gate will not only enhance the beauty and curb appeal of any home or business; it can also provide a measure of security.  In addition to our full line of garage doors, we here at Star USA Garage Doors also carry a full line of gates to fulfill whatever needs you may have.  As with garage doors, once you select your new gate our technicians will come out to install it for you.  Looking for a swing gate, an overhead gate, or some other unusual gate type?  We can help with that as well!

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  • Great Service . Allen was great. Affordable prices, professional and most important fast. Got my garage working again in no time!

    Reginald A
  • Dave from helped me get out of my garage early in the morning, i had to get to work and the door got jammed. Good service and on time.

    Sally K