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Whether you have a commercial or residential garage your garage door is extremely important to your garage. You garage door not only gives you and other authorized people entrance to your garage, it protects the possessions you have inside your garage and secures the inside of this building from intruders. However, like any mechanical device, garage doors malfunction and wear out resulting in the need for your garage door to be repaired or replaced. Finding a garage door service that can perform both installation and all types of garage doors repairs is the first step in ensuring that your garage door is kept in good working condition and provides the security you need.

A Professional Garage Door Service in Beverly Hills

When having your garage door replaced or repaired you want to hire a professional garage door service. Here at Star USA Garage Doors we are fully licensed and insured garage door installation and repair service that can offer you a wide range of services for your garage doors. These services include:

Both Commercial and Residential Garage Door Installation- Whether you are upgrading or simply replacing an old garage door we have you covered. We can install all major brands and types of garage doors.

Garage Door Repairs– Many times you have a good solid garage door and something malfunctions, when that occurs chances are that you simply need your garage door repaired not replaced. We can handle all types of garage doors from repairing those locks to replacing damaged tracks.

Garage Door Replacement– In some instance when your garage door becomes seriously damaged it will cost more to repair than to replace. If this is the case with your garage door we will inform you of both the repair and the replacement cost and allow you to make the decision for yourself.

Opener Repair- In some cases the problem your having is not with your garage door at all, but rather with your garage door opener. We not repair garage doors we will also repair your garage door opener as well.

Gate Repairs- Your garage door is not the only item of security you may have on your private or commercial property. Some homes and more than a few businesses have gates for added protection of their property. If your security gate malfunctions you should know that we are experienced and skilled at performing gate repair as well as repairing your garage door.

Welding Jobs- Does your garage door or security gate need welded? Or do you have other other welding jobs that you need to have done, we will do that welding job for you quickly and effieciently.

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  • Great Service . Allen was great. Affordable prices, professional and most important fast. Got my garage working again in no time!

    Reginald A
  • Dave from helped me get out of my garage early in the morning, i had to get to work and the door got jammed. Good service and on time.

    Sally K